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July 18 - Meeting Minutes



July 18, 2013

5: 00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Castilleja Dining Room

In attendance: Nanci Kauffman, Barb Rosston, Joe Martignetti, Sue Reyneri

Stan Shore, Joe Rolfe, Paula Powar, Polina Levitan, Michael Manneh, Tom Shannon, Vic Befera, Toby Williams, Alan Cooper, Chris Kenrick

Nanci Kauffman, Head of School welcomed the neighbors and opened the meeting. 

Nanci updated the neighbors on the school’s plan to file a conditional use permit amendment, requesting an increase in enrollment from 415 to 515.  Nanci spoke about the school’s desire to increase enrollment in order to be able to meet increasing demand, as well as offer an enhanced academic and co-curricular program to the students.  In addition, an increase in enrollment would allow for funding to offset costs of the school’s transportation demand management program and additional financial aid (currently provided to 20% of the students).  The increase in enrollment would occur in the high school and would be phased in over a 5-year period.

Sue Reyneri, Director of Finance, then spoke about the school’s traffic studies (conducted by Fehr and Peers) and transportation demand management plan (conducted by Nelson Nygaard).  The results of the traffic study indicated that increased enrollment would result in 94 more car trips in the morning, and would require 12 additional on-site parking spaces, and would not degrade the current Level of Service at key intersections in the neighborhood.  The TDM study indicated that the school could increase enrollment and reduce current traffic by 20% if a combination of the recommendations were implemented.  These recommendations included:

Shuttle service from targeted neighborhoods

Dedicated staff

Carpool Facilitation

Parking Buy Out Plan

Incentives for biking and walking

Preliminary survey information indicates that there is strong demand for shuttle service from Portola Valley, Woodside and Los Altos

The meeting then opened up for general discussion.  During that time the school reported that current enrollment for the upcoming school year is 445, due to higher than anticipated acceptance levels.

The neighbors mentioned the current impacts on the neighborhood, including parking and traffic.

The neighbors then suggested ideas on ways to mitigate traffic impacts, including cell phone waiting areas, shuttles, Palo Alto Shuttle, underground parking, increased staff patrolling and monitoring traffic, enforcing parking guidelines, and alternate pick up locations.  The neighbors encouraged the school to put some of these measures in immediately.

The next neighbor meeting is scheduled for August 15, 2013 in the dining room at 5:00 p.m.  Another mailing will be sent out in advance, and will be posted on the portal as well.  The school will arrange for the TDM consultants to be available for this meeting.