Our guiding questions for each day exemplify the complexity of the topic and the nuanced arguments for and against specific international, national, and personal positions.  We extend an invitation to all of you to join us in this discourse:

Tuesday: Human Migration Patterns Across Time

  • Why do people migrate?

  • How do we trace the migrations of humans over time?

Wednesday: Nations, Borders, and the Construction of Citizenship

  • How do people organize themselves?

  • How do core beliefs turn into governing structures and laws?

  • How does maintaining a national border affect the quality of life within a region?

  • How do people protect themselves and their interests?

  • Is citizenship exclusionary? What does "inclusive citizenship look like?

  • Why are there laws around migration?

Thursday: Migration Beyond the Law

  • Why do people migrate off the grid? Why do people migrate beyond traditional structures of borders, nationality, or citizenship? What risks do they face?

  • What types of status do off the grid migrants have in their new communities?

  • How does the extent to which migrant groups assimilate (culturally, socially, and politically) play a role in their status?

Friday: Imagining the Future  

  • What are the essential human rights that should be afforded all people?

  • What are the tensions between concepts of nationalism and citizenship and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

  • How are the current social, political, intellectual, cultural, and economic forces affecting the traditional concepts of citizenship?

This year the week concludes by honoring migration stories of our nation’s past and imagining a more inclusive future for all of us with a concert by At the Table with Dr. King. The celebration will highlight the events of the Civil Rights Movement and hopefully inspire our students to assume responsibility for their own role as strong leaders in the world beyond our circle.

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