Alum Affinity, Identity, and Interest Groups

At Castilleja, we strive to be a community that invites members to bring all aspects of their respective identities to our shared space.

We are excited to extend our affinity & identity groups program to our alum community. Alums are welcome to join multiple groups, and will have the opportunity to propose to lead new groups annually. As identity is multifaceted, these groups are designed to recognize the various identities each person holds simultaneously. Interest groups will launch in the spring of 2023.

Group Mission Statements

Alum Group Categories

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups provide space for historically, structurally, and culturally marginalized groups to come together to support empowerment and community building.

Identity Groups

Identity groups provide space for the exploration of positionality and aspects of lived identity within Castilleja and beyond. 

Interest Groups

Stay tuned for interest groups launching in the 2022-2023 year. Interest groups provide space for our community to engage in, discuss, and champion shared experiences, career fields, and passions.

Frequently Asked Questions