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As a student, I would never have imagined that one day I would be on the Castilleja Alumni Executive Committee, much less as its President. At that point, I was just looking forward to getting out of high school, and I wasn’t thinking about coming back!

Yet I surprised myself by re-engaging, and it has been so rewarding to experience Castilleja through a new lens, one that is growing and evolving. Getting some space after leaving allows us to more fully appreciate what Castilleja has given each of us–preparing us not just for college, but life beyond.

The most meaningful thing about getting involved in the alumni association is being part of a legacy of women before us and after us. I keep coming back time after time because I can never give back enough to fully return what I was given.

I hope you’ll join me in giving back–providing support born of our shared experience, and our wisdom gained over time. Our voices have the power to impact current students, and students to come. In a way, they are our past, and we are their future.

I look forward to working with all of you, and to celebrating our connections as Women Learning, Women Leading.

Hala Kurdi Cozadd '92
Alumni Association President

Announcing Alum Affinity, Identity, & Interest Groups

At Castilleja, we believe that our connections to others are more meaningful when they are experienced in a community that invites members to bring all aspects of their respective identities to our shared space. Intentional groups have been valuable spaces for Castilleja students, employees, parents, and guardians, and we are excited to be launching groups for our alum community this year.

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