Coaching Staff

castilleja athletics coach
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Nicholas Jerrold

Titles: Faculty Member, Mathematics, Assistant Coach, JVA Softball

Donn Levine

Titles: Head Coach, Varsity Golf

Andy Lichtblau

Titles: Learning Specialist, Head Coach, Varsity Soccer

Christine Loui

Titles: Faculty Member, History/Social Science, Head Coach, JVA Volleyball, Assistant Coach, JV Volleyball

Tawaun Lucas

Titles: Head Coach, VA Basketball

Claire Mancini, MFTi

Titles: Wellness Department and Counselor, Head Coach, Varsity Lacrosse, Head Coach, VA Swimming

Jeff Mayfield

Titles: Faculty Member, World Languages, Assistant Coach, Varsity Volleyball

Evan McClain

Titles: Maintenance Worker, Assistant Coach, Varsity Softball, Head Coach, VA Silver Softball

Mary Liz McCurdy

Titles: Head Coach, Varsity Track and Field, Assistant Coach, Varsity Cross Country
< 1 2 3 4 5 > showing 10 - 18 of 41 constituents