Coaching Staff

castilleja athletics coach
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Sarah McCurdy

Titles: Assistant Coach, Varsity Track and Field

Mace McGinn

Titles: Maintenance Foreman, Head Coach, Varsity Basketball

Mitchell Miller

Titles: Head Coach, Varsity Swimming

Megan Parker

Titles: Assistant Coach, Varsity Diving

Cassie Peters

Titles: Assistant Athletic Director, Head Coach, Varsity Tennis, Head Coach, VA Tennis

Mary Jo Pruitt

Titles: Director of Athletics, Head Coach, JVA Basketball

Paulo Puga

Titles: Landscape Specialist, Head Coach, JVA Soccer

Colin Quinton

Titles: Faculty Member, Science, Head Coach, JVA Softball, Assistant Coach, Varsity Softball

Rebecca Row

Titles: Student Coach
< 1 2 3 4 5 > showing 19 - 27 of 41 constituents