Castilleja competes in and wins first competition of the school year!

Castilleja competes in and wins first competition of the school year!

The Castilleja varsity cross country team had the exciting opportunity of being the first Castilleja athletic team to compete in the 2020-2021 school year on March 8th! This Casti Fasti team went on the road to compete in a meet hosted by Harker, and they certainly did not disappoint in their effort and results. Not only did Castilleja student-athletes finish in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th place individually, but as a team they won the meet, beating both Harker and TKA in points. 

Sophomore, Dani H. ’23, finished first for the Gators (second overall) and set a PR, shaving 1:20 min off her previous best 5k time. Following a few seconds behind was freshman, Perry M. ’24, in her first competition for the upper school cross country team. Next was Samira K ’23 in fourth place and Olivia S. ’24 in sixth. Full results can be found here.

This team will compete again on Saturday, March 20th in a meet hosted by Menlo. There they will get the chance to compete against both Menlo and Sacred Heart!

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Meet the Team

Mary Jo Pruitt

Titles: Director of Athletics and Recreational Student Programming

Amy Chinn

Titles: Assistant Athletic Director, Head Coach, Varsity and VA Water Polo

Patrick Burrows

Titles: Faculty Member, Fitness and Wellness, Middle School Athletic Director, Head Coach, VA Soccer, Head Coach, VA Swimming

Jessie Surface

Titles: Director of Sports Performance and Health Services, Head Athletic Trainer, Co-Chair Safety Committee