Middle School/Upper School Art Teacher - Full Time

Job Summary:

Castilleja School is an all-girls school dedicated to excellence in educating young women and in cultivating young leaders. We offer an enriching, comprehensive and forward-looking Visual and Performing Arts curriculum to expose our students to a variety of artistic forms and techniques, and to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century by instilling creative confidence.

The Visual Arts teacher reports to the Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department and works closely with the other visual arts teachers and faculty within the program. The Art teacher is responsible for planning, developing, and collaborating with the arts team to create an art program for grades 6-10 that incorporates 2 dimensional skills, 3 dimensional skills, and working knowledge of art history. The teacher must be committed to the long-term growth of the program and be willing to explore an interdisciplinary focus.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Organizes, constructs, and communicates lessons clearly, having a syllabus and purposeful plan for each course that is revised over time as the course and program develop
  • Collaborates with department colleagues, grade level colleagues, and department chair to deliver a program that is consistent with school-wide expectations and standards
  • Utilizes challenging, thoughtful, fair, and varied devices appropriate to the objectives of the course for evaluating and assessing student achievement
  • Incorporates appropriate and varied methods, materials, and technologies into teaching
  • Incorporates topics appropriate to the developmental needs and the age of the students
  • Returns students’ work in a timely fashion with prescriptive comments
  • Stresses effective oral and written communication in all classes, and encourages careful listening skills
  • Continues professional development in both subject matter and methods of teaching
  • Responds to evaluations from supervisors and students professionally and constructively
  • Understands and is compassionate to adolescent realities
  • Treats students equitably, is sincerely interested in them as individuals, and responds to their needs
  • Engages and encourages students in the active process of learning
  • Holds students accountable for their actions and their learning
  • Holds high expectations for all students and communicates these expectations clearly and regularly
  • Supports curriculum development at the school through committee participation
  • Actively engages in the life of the school as a student advisor and club mentor

Key Qualifications:

  • Prior teaching experience required; school experience preferred
  • Master’s Degree in Art Education and/or Art teaching certification preferred
  • Committed to academic excellence, exceptional teaching, and providing a dynamic climate for lifelong learning
  • Demonstrated commitment to on-going professional development in both subject matter and pedagogy
  • Ability to pass state and federal fingerprinting and background check and provide a recent negative TB test or screening

For Consideration: 

Please send cover letter, resume, and Castilleja application to hr@castilleja.org. Please use MSUSART in the subject of your email. Please do not forward to individuals at Castilleja as we cannot guarantee proper response or distribution.