Director of Global and Experiential Programming

The Director of Global and Experiential Programming develops, implements, and sustains engagement programming that applies the philosophy of Castilleja’s leadership curriculum and commitment to matriculating students equipped to positively impact the world. 

Several of Castilleja's internationally renowned programs lie under the purview of the position, and it is one of three key director positions, along with the Director of Leadership and the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, housed in the ACE Center (Awareness, Compassion, Engagement).  Along with leading marquee programs, the position partners with faculty to anchor experiential principles within the curriculum. Upper School internships, entrepreneurship development opportunities, and our endowed speakers program are also in the Director’s portfolio. Thus, the Director of Global and Experiential Programming will serve as a critical collaborator for middle and upper school faculty. 

Marquee global engagement programs are central to the Castilleja student experience—Global Week and the Junior Global Investigator Trips are renowned for their intentional design, curricular integration, and social impact. More broadly, our global and experiential programs are deeply embedded in our curriculum through practical, impactful applications of knowledge and skills. They also foster development of antiracist and leadership competencies, which are critical to our mission. This 12-month role offers robust collaboration time in the summer for school-year program implementation. The position reports to the Assistant Head of School for Curriculum and Community with a starting date of July 1, 2021.

Key Functions
   Program Management

   Curriculum and Instructional Design


   Faculty Partnership 


Global Programs

  • Curriculum Efficacy
    • Collaborate with Assistant Head for Curriculum and Community and Director of Partnership for 21st Century Assessment to assess the efficacy of Castilleja’s Global Leadership Program

  • Global Week
    • Collaborate with Assistant Head for Curriculum and Community to articulate the vision of Global Week
    • Develop and lead a four-day school wide conference on the annual Global Week theme with the support of grade-level Deans
    • Collaborate with MS Head, US Head, and grade-level Deans to enhance Global Week grade-level curriculum
    • Teach and support preparatory workshops as appropriate
    • Liaise with Castilleja’s Communications Team to manage printing and distribution of PR and curriculum materials
    • Collaborate with the ACE Center Operations Coordinator to implement logistics for Global Week

  • Global Investigator Program
    • Define programming and mentor faculty chaperones

    • Liaise with global partners to deepen and imagine new curricular ties

    • Manage travel logistics with the support of the ACE Center Coordinator

    • Promote and implement safety protocols in partnership with the US Dean of Student Life

  • Global Student Trips
    • Develop and implement vision for school-wide global programming
      • Liaise with faculty interested in offering new travel programming

      • Liaise with Director of Leadership to support on-going faculty application of the Learning and Leading portfolio

    • Promote and implement safety protocols

Experiential Programming

  • Beyond the Circle
    • Develop and implement conceptual framework for Beyond The Circle programming
    • Collaborate with the ACE Center Operations Coordinator to implement logistics for Beyond the Circle and Casti@Work

  • Hass Fellowship
    • Manage the process in collaboration with the Junior Dean and the Director of Advancement.

  • Speakers Program
    • Manage the all-school Speaker program (Arrillaga Speaker) 

    • Develop and maintain a database of speakers and liaise with faculty to identify speakers and organize their deployment

  • ICA collaboration/ coordination with ICA team


  • Foster Internships 
    • Work with Castilleja parents, local community members, and local universities to define, manage, and continually refine student internship opportunities

    • Collaborate with the ACE Center Coordinator to refine systems of information gathering and distribution about internships and other volunteer and networking opportunities

  • Support Student Interns
    • Develop curriculum to prepare all students to apply for internships in conjunction with Castilleja’s general leadership training program

    • Teach monthly workshops for students to learn Castilleja’s internship training curriculum

    • Meet one-on-one with students to identify their goals for internships and prepare for specific opportunities

    • Mentor student interns to support their leadership development

  • Document and Evaluate Internship Training Program
    • Formalize and document Castilleja’s internship training program

    • Develop and implement an assessment plan to evaluate the efficacy of the internship training

  • Curriculum Efficacy
    • Collaborate with Director of Partnership for 21st Century Assessment to assess the efficacy of Castilleja’s Internship Program and its connection to classroom learning

Key qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 2+ years’ experience teaching global issues or implementing experiential programs
  • Demonstrated cultural competence and global perspective
  • Commitment to global citizenship, inclusion, and social justice

For Consideration:

Please send a cover letter, resume, along with a completed and signed application  to You must use Director of Global and Experiential Programming in the subject line of your email.