Varsity Lacrosse Coach

About Castilleja
Castilleja School is a non-sectarian independent college preparatory school for young women located in the San Francisco Bay Area near Stanford University and in the heart of Silicon Valley. Founded in 1907 by Stanford graduate Mary Isabel Lockey, the school has an enrollment of 434 girls and young women in grades six through twelve and has a long-standing reputation for the excellence of its academic program. Castilleja educates young women by fostering their intellectual, physical, creative, and emotional growth through an exemplary college preparatory experience within a diverse and supportive community.

Reports to Director of Athletics (AD)

FLSA Status

Provide leadership, supervision, and organization for the Varsity Lacrosse Team and carry out the objectives of the total athletic program of Castilleja School.

Essential Expectations

  • Overtly support and act in accordance with the school’s mission & values.

  • Perform duties and responsibilities as described in the below job description.

  • Uphold the school’s professional standards of personal presentation, punctuality, professional courtesy & discretion.

  • Represent the school effectively to its constituents.

  • Maintain a professional demeanor on & off campus.

  • Maintain professional credentials, as appropriate.

  • Honor the confidentially of school, family & employee information.

  •  Comply with all school policies and procedures.

  • Work effectively and collegially with administrators, faculty and other staff.

  • Develop goals to advance the school’s strategic objectives and engage in relevant professional growth.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Formulate objectives and goals for the season.

  • Assume supervisory control over all phases of the program.

  • Be knowledgeable of rules and regulations as it relates to Castilleja, the League (WBAL), Conference (CCS) & State (CIF).

  • Model sportsmanlike behavior and maintain appropriate conduct towards officials, spectators, parents and student-athletes

  • Ability to work with parents/guardians, faculty, staff, and students in a constructive manner – even under stressful conditions.

  • Work collaboratively with the coaching staff & athletic department personnel

  • Encourage sportsmanlike conduct in all phases of athletic participation.

  • Apply discipline in a firm and positive manner to each athlete individually, and treat each team member with respect and in a fair manner.

  • Establish and maintain open communication with student-athletes, parents, the Athletic Department, Faculty & Staff.

  • Schedule contests in collaboration with the Athletic Director.

  • Attend pre-season and post-season meetings as required.

  • Provide the Athletic Director with a current roster and update as needed and keep the Athletic Director informed in a prompt manner if any players quit or are released from the team.

  •  Be aware of any medical problems, which might exist with any team members.

  • Notify Castilleja Athletic Trainer immediately in the case of an injury. If the injury is life –threatening, call 911 immediately.

  • Assume responsibility for constant care of facilities and equipment being used.

  • Notify Athletic Director of any additional equipment needs.

  • Make sure all equipment and facilities are locked following every practice or game.

  • Organize and schedule practice sessions on a regular basis with the idea of developing the athlete’s greatest potential.

  • Arrive at the practice site at least ten minutes prior to the starting time.

  • Attend coaches’ meetings as announced by the Athletic Director.

  • Promptly inform Athletic Director of conversations with parents.

  • Make sure all equipment and facilities are ready in sufficient time prior to games and practices.

  • Always have medical and emergency information of team members at all times.

  • Email in game(s) results following each athletic contest to the Athletic Department, any appropriate league representatives and/or online resources, such as Max Prep.

  • Go over all rules, regulations, and expectations of athletes at the beginning of the season.

  • Always begin and end practice on time.

  • Coach is responsible for accompanying the student-athletes to all off-campus practices, games/competitions/meets, which includes either riding the bus to and from the location or receiving approval to drive a school issued van.

  • Coach is responsible for attending ALL scheduled practices and games/meets/competitions.

  • Coach is responsible for notifying the Athletic Director 48 hours in advance if they cannot attend a practice and or competition/game/match

Post Season Responsibilities
(All items listed below should be completed and given to AD within one week following the final athletic contest.)

  • Inventory and check in all equipment with AD.
  • Properly clean and store equipment.
  • Turn in names of award winners for the Celebration of Sports banquet – varsity: MVP and Breakout, JV: Most Improved – Sportsmanship award for both varsity & JV, voted on by team.

  • Turn in keys if not coaching a following season.

  • Meet with AD for a season coaching evaluation. * Meeting will take place upon receiving the evaluations from the Parents/Guardians & student-athletes

  • Attend all Athletic Award assemblies corresponding to the season to present team and individual awards.

  • Attend the Celebration of Sports end of year banquet held each year in May and present the award recipients their awards for the sport of which you coached.

  • Attend post season league meeting, scheduled by the league.

Minimum Requirements

  • Prior coaching experience at the high school, club or college level
  • Possession of valid, unexpired CPR & First Aid certifications


If interested, please provide a completed application, resume and cover letter to and indicate VARSITY LACROSSE in the subject field. No recruiters, please.