Castilleja Listens and Responds

Scaled-down Garage Alternatives Under Review: Less Square Footage, Conserves More Trees, Preserves Homes

In July 2019, The City of Palo Alto released a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for Castilleja’s modernization project, and while the DEIR attested to many strengths—including the plan’s sustainability goals, reduced noise impacts in the neighborhood, and enhancement to the visual character of the neighborhood—it also pointed to areas for improvement. The school closely reviewed the DEIR’s findings, public comments, and feedback from our neighbors to devise a project alternative to mitigate impacts. In addition, the new California Green Building Code allows additional improvements.

Responding to community input and the DEIR findings, Castilleja has: 

  • Preserved two homes on Emerson Street to provide much-needed housing and protect the neighborhood feel 

  • Distributed drop-off to avoid traffic impacts 

  • Reduced the massing of the facade on Kellogg Street

  • Eliminated the underground encroachment into the setback along Embarcadero Road 

  • Designed the buildings to blend with neighborhood aesthetic 

  • Reduced the number of events held on campus