Conservation on Campus

Castilleja School sustainability

When it comes to sustainability in our community, Castilleja leads by example.

By minimizing our environmental footprint and integrating environmental education into our curriculum, we plant the seed of conservation activism in the next generation of leaders.


trash reduction after installing new recycling and composting receptacles

Replaced old classroom light fixtures to accommodate energy-efficient lightbulbs


savings achieved after changing outdoor lamps to LED lights
Added automation controls to HVAC system


Since 2009, Castilleja has reduced its consumption of gas by 30%, electricity by 35%, and water by over 65%
Converted the Circle lawn to water-saving artificial turf


pounds of produce grown in campus garden used in school meals
Switched out all faucets and toilets for low-flow, water-saving technologies
Installed rain barrels in campus’s edible garden spaces



International Green Schools Alliance


Certified Palo Alto Green Business