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TDM and Parking

Reducing Traffic to Improve Quality of Life

At Castilleja, we are committed to reducing traffic. In 2013, the City of Palo Alto asked the school to launch a more robust Traffic Demand Management program. Since that time, Castilleja has reduced the number of peak car trips to campus by 25—30%. The effort has changed our school culture and has become a new way of life.

Be a Public Supporter

Since 2012, these measures have led students to change how they commute:


The Master Plan contemplates an underground parking garage surrounded by lush landscaping and trees, and a well-disguised driveway exit opposite Melville Avenue. The proposed underground garage will have a positive impact on our neighborhood. Why? Because it will remove parking and activity from our streets – putting cars out of sight and below ground.

Rendering of proposed public park on campus

The underground garage will not result in an increase in traffic or car trips. This is due to aggressive traffic mitigation measures, which are important to maintain the quality of our neighborhood. These measures incorporate alternative modes of transportation to and from Castilleja.