Proposal Overview

Vision for the Future

Many of the buildings on our campus haven’t been renovated since the 1960’s. We are seeking permission from the City to build new and modern learning spaces for our students that will last for generations while better integrating with the aesthetic of the neighborhood. We are committed to an open and transparent process with ample room for feedback to allow for strong community and neighborhood engagement.

Since we filed the amended Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application in June 2016, we have made several changes to the plan in response to neighbor input including relocating the underground garage exit and reworking the building’s footprint to preserve more trees.

Campus map describing Master Plan main aspects and reasoning

Community Benefits

Car icon Move parking, student drop-off/pick-up, and deliveries below grade
Bring swimming pool below grade to reduce noise. Down arrow icon
Delivery truck icon Reduce number of food service deliveries by 10%, decreasing truck trips in the neighborhood
Maintain peak trips at less than/equal to 440 440 icon
Trees icon Plant dozens of net new trees
Establish school hours of operation Clock icon
Calendar icon Limit number of special events
Use modern, sustainable architecture with net zero energy usage, photovoltaic panels, and the highest green building standards Green energy icon
Park bench icon Create a neighborhood park along Emerson


Magnifying glass icon


  • Annual enrollment audits by an independent firm with heavy financial consequences


  • Bi-annual TDM peak trip audits that, if violated, would result in a decrease in enrollment



Review Process

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