Proposal Overview

Modernize Campus and Increase Enrollment

Castilleja School was founded in 1907 in Palo Alto with the mission of equalizing educational opportunities for women. Since then, our school has been serving Palo Alto and neighboring communities, becoming deeply embedded in the community through our long history of engagement, working with esteemed groups such as Ada’s Café, the Palo Alto VA Hospital, and the Boys and Girls Club. We are proud to call Palo Alto home.

Many of the buildings on our campus have not been renovated since the 1960s, so we are seeking permission from the City to build new learning spaces that will last for generations while better integrating with the aesthetic of the neighborhood. We also hope to gradually increase our high school enrollment by 25-27 students per year, for four years, in order to offer this unique educational opportunity to more girls and young women. We will increase our Traffic Demand Management measures at the same time to assure that daily car trips to campus do not increase. Our new Master Plan creates sustainable, energy efficient spaces and minimizes our impact on our neighbors. Specific elements include the following:

  • Ensuring no new vehicle trips through aggressive traffic demand management
  • Reducing the number of deliveries and moving them below grade to minimize noise
  • Relocating the pool below grade and adding a sound wall
  • Reducing at-grade drop off and pick up locations
  • Creating a half-acre community park to be shared with our neighbors
  • Reducing the number of on-campus events
  • Relocating on-street parking underground, beneath a well-landscaped playing field


Campus map describing Master Plan main aspects and reasoning


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