Project Update

Castilleja Listens and Responds: Project Alternative

The City of Palo Alto released a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for Castilleja’s modernization project last summer, and the public had the opportunity to comment on the findings. While the DEIR attested to many strengths in Castilleja’s project—including the plan’s sustainability goals, reduced noise impacts in the neighborhood, and enhancement to the visual character of the neighborhood—it also pointed to areas for improvement. As a result, the school has spent months closely reviewing the DEIR’s findings, public comments, and feedback from our neighbors to devise a project alternative that:

This feedback helped us imagine a design that meets the school’s needs and better serves the community around us. We look forward to working with our neighbors and the City to move the project forward.

LEED Platinum environmental measures surpass Palo Alto’s sustainability goals with

  • Energy efficiency - on-site solar, heat recovery, renewable credits
  • Water conservation and reuse
  • Fossil Free - outside of science labs

New design is more compatible with the surrounding neighborhood

  • Materials blend with residential feel of neighborhood
  • Overall height and setbacks are equal to or less than existing structures
  • Proactive noise mitigations will reduce the school’s neighborhood impact (e.g., moving the swimming pool below grade, limiting events on weekdays before 8pm, eliminating events on Sundays).