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Learning to lead, listen, and "lean in" in India
Learning to lead, listen, and "lean in" in India
On day 4 of their trip to India, the Global Investigators spent more time with their Roshni friends focusing on activities that would help them learn to "lean in" to discomfort. The girls worked in small groups on puzzles that required both leadership and listening skills and then on public speaking. They also had the opportunity to spend some time with Roshni founder Saima Hasan '04 and her mother and to learn how she took Roshni from a dream to reality! Learn more about the girls' experiences in India.

Today (day 4) we joined our Roshni friends for another bonding and educational experience. We started the day off with another one of Megan’s relaxing yoga routines and reflected on the day’s theme of leaning into discomfort. Afterwards we dived straight into activities. The first activity focused on teamwork and leadership/listening skills. In groups of 3-4 people, we solved puzzles requiring us to fold a sheet of paper in a specific manner. Two of the three members were to direct the last member on how to fold the paper. As we all shared our experiences with the larger group, we found that there were common challenges facing both the folders and directors. The folders found it difficult to take instruction from so many people and not fold without consent. The directors found it hard to agree on how to instruct the folder.

Our next activity focused on public speaking and we stayed in our table groups for it. Each girl was initially given 30 seconds to speak on a random topic without preparation. The teachers of each group evaluated the girls based on tone, persuasiveness, gestures, eye contact, posture, etc. After a few rounds of this, each group nominated one girl to advance to the final round. These girls would argue in front of everyone either pro or con for a given prompt. Everyone argued eloquently and proficiently even though three of the six were deemed “winners.”

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