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There's an app for that!
There's an app for that!

What’s for lunch? Hartley B. (’18) and Sho Sho H. (’19) made an app for that! This semester, these two students and seven other juniors and seniors in “Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Software Product Development” created four new iPhone apps that address needs and interests within the Castilleja community.  


“Lost and Found” by Riya B. (’18) and Lauren T. (’19)

Allows users to post items they've found, and search for items that they've lost. Install it now if you've lost something important recently. It might already be posted!


“CastiYAYa” by Rashi B. (’18) and Katie M. (’18)

Provides the “inside story” on traditions and other experiences that prospective students can look forward to if they attend Castilleja. Even current students will enjoy taking fun quizzes that test your knowledge of Castilleja culture! 


“Peer Tutoring Pal” by Sreya G. (’18), Sophia N. (’19), and Madeline W. (’19)

Students participating in Castilleja’s Peer Tutoring program can set tutoring meeting reminders and organize their learning goals. Download the app and get ready for final exams! 

“What’s For Lunch?”

by Hartley B. (’18) and Sho Sho H. (’19)

Displays what the dining room is serving today, and allows users to “like” their favorite items. No more squinting and craning your neck to look up at the TV monitor outside the dining room!


As Castilleja Enterprise apps, these products are available for download and installation by members of the Castilleja community, only. For more information, email