What is Leadership?

Castilleja School leadership

50 years before it was popular to do so—and in a time when it simply wasn’t true—Castilleja declared every girl a leader.

Evidence shows that countries, corporations, and teams succeed more often when women lead. That is why, at Castilleja, leadership doesn't just mean being in charge; it means serving as a role model, unearthing new ways of tackling difficult issues, and identifying the critical problem that needs solving.

It's about having the skill to use your unique strengths to achieve the best possible outcome. At Castilleja, we’ve identified the leadership competencies necessary to be the change: initiative, agility, and purpose.

Unlimited Ways to Lead

Castilleja alumnae make up a diverse and impressive group of leaders pursuing their passions and putting their unique talents to work in the world. Our graduates are practicing initiative, agility, and purpose as high-ranking politicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, and activists. They have launched an education and apprenticeship program in India serving tens of thousands of girls so they break the cycle of poverty for their families, founded companies that revolutionized nutrition in schools, held the position of Secretary of Commerce, and joined the ranks of educators right here at Castilleja. 

Castilleja equips girls to be extraordinarily prepared, highly effective citizens of the world, empowered to do work that matters.