21st Century Assessment

Castilleja School 21st Century Assessment

Castilleja School’s Partnership for 21st Century Assessment empowers educators to develop tools that capture and measure students’ growth in the essential attitudes and skills needed to become effective learners and leaders in today’s world.

The Partnership for 21st Century Assessment is made possible with the support of an educational leadership grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation awarded in 2013. Castilleja was one of only 5 schools nationwide to receive this $250,000 award. The Castilleja Community made a 3:1 match—donating $750,000.

Castilleja's Learning and Leadership Framework


Taking initiative means that students are directing their own learning and guiding their own experiences. Interest and curiosity fuel their initial goals. Awareness and reflection inform their approach, strategies, and adjustments along the way.


Students can demonstrate their agility through their capacity to embrace ambiguity and through creative and flexible approaches to problem-solving.


Driven by the social purpose of truly effecting change, students need to value, seek, and understand different perspectives. They also need to collaborate with others to launch and sustain the change process.

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