ACE Center

Awareness, Compassion & Engagement (ACE) Center

Castilleja School ACE Center

Castilleja’s ACE Center fosters student leadership through its empowering innovative teaching model.

Working in collaboration with faculty and community partners, the ACE Center designs and implements learning experiences that foster student initiative, develop student agility, and inspire student purpose through engagement with local and global challenges.

Beyond the Circle Forum

Upper School students hear from professionals from a wide variety of disciplines. The program addresses the following motivating questions:

  • [Learn] How might students learn about different post-college careers?

  • [See] How might students see representation of themselves in different disciplines?

  • [Experience] How might students experience "a day in the life" of someone in a particular profession?

This year’s theme is “Building Your Own Path and Finding Fulfillment” with a focus on climate positive work, and social and racial justice. 

The Forum is supported by the Beyond the Circle Forum Student Advisory Committee and the Inspiring Voices (CSA) Committee.

Meet the Team

Jessica Yonzon

Titles: Director of ACE Center and Global Education, Interdisciplinary Content Area (ICA) Lead, Global Systems

Hannah Nguyen

Titles: Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice, Interdisciplinary Content Area (ICA) Lead, Social Justice

Rebecca Winslow

Titles: Director of Community Outreach and Leadership, Interdisciplinary Content Area (ICA) Lead, Women in the World