ACE Center

Awareness, Compassion & Engagement Center

Castilleja School ACE Center

Castilleja’s ACE Center fosters student leadership through its empowering innovative teaching model.

Working in collaboration with faculty and community partners, the ACE Center designs and implements learning experiences that foster student initiative, develop student agility, and inspire student purpose through engagement with local and global challenges.


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ACE Center programming is pervasive throughout Castilleja’s learning and leading experience.  Campus educators teach, mentor, or advise students, depending upon the experience they are sharing.  As they move seamlessly from one learning and/or leading experience to the next, all students document their leadership growth and receive constructive feedback over time through Castilleja’s unique leadership portfolio.  

These experiences include: 

  • Classroom projects
  • Grade-level programming
  • Student-led community engagement programming in “Activities and ACE Orgs”
  • Community-based mentoring programs
  • Local and global partnership projects
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programming

Meet the Team

Stacey Kertsman

Titles: Dean of Equity Education and Social Impact, Director of ACE Center

Emily Clark

Titles: Leadership and Community Partners Programming Manager, Bourn Lab / Tinkering Nook Instructor, Senior Class Dean

Anjelika Deogirikar Grossman

Titles: Assistant Director, ACE Center

Brenda Villa

Titles: Equity Education Coordinator, Head Coach, Varsity and VA Water Polo, Assistant Coach, Varsity Swimming