Student-Led Organizations

Castilleja students have dozens of clubs and co-curricular opportunities to choose from. Through these organizations, students learn, engage, have fun, and develop hands-on leadership skills.

ACE Orgs are Castilleja’s student-led and student-driven social impact teams. This program provides a framework for students to cultivate awareness, build empathy, develop skills, and generate impact to create a generation of informed and motivated young leaders equipped to address social and environmental issues and effect change in the world. ACE Orgs are proposed, designed, and led by sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and participation in one ACE Org is required of all US students.

The list below is a sampling of some of these organizations. Student Activities & Organizations are truly student-led and student-focused, so naturally opportunities change year-to-year with interest.

Student-Led Organizations: ACE Orgs 2023–2024

Meet the Team

Jessica Yonzon

Titles: Director of ACE Center and Global Education, Interdisciplinary Content Area (ICA) Lead, Global Systems

Hannah Nguyen

Titles: Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice, Interdisciplinary Content Area (ICA) Lead, Social Justice

Rebecca Winslow

Titles: Director of Community Outreach and Leadership, Interdisciplinary Content Area (ICA) Lead, Women in the World