Our Program

Castilleja School Academics STEM

Through engaging classroom and real-world experiences, our students build the intellect, community connections, and global perspective necessary to make real impact.

In the company of girls, students develop transformative relationships with each other and with their teachers. Intentional, collaborative and interdisciplinary, a Castilleja 6th through 12th education is carefully scaffolded to allow each student the opportunity to become her best and most authentic self. She graduates with the self-confidence and concern for others necessary for a lifetime of compassionate leadership.

At each grade level, we explore different age-appropriate themes that allow students to develop their voices and take more responsibility for their learning.  

Grade-level Themes

6th Grade: Exploration

We cultivate a culture of thinking deeply and sharing insights by asking students to make observations, collect and analyze data, and discover connections by noticing patterns.

7th Grade: Identity

We encourage students to reflect on their learning, engage with their kinder buddies, and examine the life experiences of others to begin to understand their individual viewpoints and create empathy for others.

8th Grade: Engagement

Through classroom projects, our VA partnership, travel as a grade, student-led parent-teacher conferences, and delivering an 8th grade speech, we increase leadership opportunities to enhance awareness, confidence, and purpose.

9th Grade: Building Foundations

We help students build a strong foundation for high school and beyond through deep-dive research, data analysis, and presenting a convincing, evidence-based argument. At the same time, students discover their strengths as collaborators.

10th Grade: Creating Connections

We help students practice empathy and engagement as they learn about the local community and the people within it who make a difference. Throughout this process, students deepen their quantitative and qualitative skills by exploring solutions to local issues.

11th Grade: Exploring Perspectives

We urge students to develop multiple perspectives by listening to others’ stories and learning to tell their own. Our Global Investigator Trips ask students to consider global challenges and embrace ambiguity, and on campus, students tackle interdisciplinary projects and embark on the college journey.

12th Grade: Understanding Leadership

We help students bring the full power of their Castilleja education to bear on defining success for themselves by using their voices to lead campus organizations, design a path for next steps, and leave a legacy for those to come.

Interdisciplinary Focus

In the longer run and for wide-reaching issues, more creative solutions tend to come from imaginative interdisciplinary collaboration.
Robert J. Shiller
We know that solutions to complex problems come from the interactions between many different disciplines. Our students have the opportunity to grapple with complex challenges and explore solutions from a diversity of perspectives and disciplines. Beginning in the sixth grade Castilleja students engage with today’s global questions: climate change, migration, income inequality, urbanization, environmental sustainability, challenge to democracy, and global health.
Creativity depends on interactions between feeling and thinking, and across different disciplinary boundaries and fields of ideas.”
Ken Robinson, Out of Our Minds, 2011

Our Schedule

Time matters. Our schedule maximizes the program, moderates the weekly pace, increases engagement, and addresses the needs of our learners.
Key features include:
  • Rotating schedule provides daily variety for all learners
  • Varying class lengths with long blocks encourage deep exploration and project-based learning
  • Fewer classes per day and late start every Wednesday slows the pace of the week and increases engagement
  • Community and Flex periods provide time for connection and interdisciplinary endeavors
  • Built in study time and office hours allow frequent accessibility to teachers outside of class time