Middle School (Grades 6-8)

At Castilleja, Middle School is a time for students to make new friends, take risks, and open their minds to different perspectives.

Castilleja Middle School students join a supportive community of intellectually curious girls who are excited to think critically while they learn about themselves and actively engage in the world around them. Through theme-based content areas, students begin to appreciate the importance of making connections and finding broader meaning as they explore topics through collaboration, creation, action, and research. At Castilleja, Middle School is a time of eager growth and caring reflection that arises from exploring new possibilities.

Growing Confidence

Our intentional program supports girls as they build confidence and then challenges them to use that confidence to learn and lead in new ways.

Intellectual Adventure

Girls begin to understand their learning as an exciting and ongoing process of exploration and discovery.

Divergent Thinking

Through hands-on collaborative learning, students realize the importance of diverse thoughts and experiences.

In the Company of Girls

The success of the all-girls environment has never been about the absence of boys; it has always been about the inspiring presence of girls.


Girls build strong bonds within their own grade and across other grade levels, creating a Middle School community of understanding that includes all stories and life experiences.


Learning to collaborate is an essential part of learning to lead.