Upper School

Grades 9-12

Upper School students embrace intellectual adventure, academic challenge, and social responsibility. Meaningful experiences guide and develop a sophisticated understanding of concepts, creative confidence, community connections, an independent voice, and social impact.

“...I hope that I can transform all of these lessons and ideas and thoughts coursing through my mind into action, that I can, just as every speaker at Global Week, make my mark on the world.”

- Riya Berry '18




Collaboration occurs in many forms and with many people - in class, on a team, on the stage, in so many unexpected ways all to create something new.




With academic curiosity as a driving force, students choose topics, generate researchable questions, and develop seminal inquiries that guide discovery and self-expression. Faculty act as coaches and content specialists.




Senior speeches, Founder's Day, questions during symposia, in every classroom; clear communication is what we do!




More important than having an answer is the ability to examine your thought process and understand how you came up with the final result.



Critical Thinking

Making art allows students to embrace imagination, helping them see beauty everywhere, and to become mindful, inquisitive, and empathetic.




“This is an incredible chance. Seize it. Use it. Enjoy it. Fail miserably and get angry about it. Try again. Fail again. Maybe the pleasure isn’t in succeeding. Maybe the pleasure is in the possibility of success.”

- Rekha Ramanathan '18




“Belong is a complex word. There’s an underlying sentiment of acceptance, an acknowledgement that you fit in with your surroundings, that evokes a sense of comfort. It’s the feeling of having found your place in the world.”

- Sara Zoroufy '18



In the Company of Girls

“Part of what’s wonderful about this school is that Castilleja genuinely cares that you care about things; that you’re willing to take a stance, whatever that stance may be.”

- Sara Bell '17