Teaching and Learning Antiracism

Facing our past is the first step in a long journey for Castilleja. We have much to acknowledge and learn as we strive to become a more equitable and just community. Within our ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, our antiracism work requires an awareness that the urgency to dismantle White Supremacy Culture is new to some and age-old to others. As a result, we must address racism and racialization with honesty, courage, and clarity of conviction, ensuring that Castilleja’s teaching and learning of antiracism engenders sustainable change and is not simply performative. To remain committed and effective, we must be in our learning zone, not in our comfort zone, because no one is consistently comfortable when antiracist work is authentic and sustained. By exploring the ideas, language, and behaviors that challenge what feels familiar, we push ourselves to “be the change.” Our commitment to change includes a comprehensive review of our programs and practices, so that assimilation to a prescribed “Casti way” is not an expectation. Just as our annual Castilleja Intersections event has the tagline #ComeAsYouAre, at Castilleja, we want to foster a culture where everyone can come just as they are.

Commitment is measured by time, resources, and processes that inspire curiosity and demand accountability. To that end, we commit to:

  • Reviewing and expanding our antiracist curriculum for all students across all disciplines, while enhancing our social justice and integrated leadership programming
  • Developing ongoing antiracist training for all employees and trustees so that their understanding informs their practices
  • Reassessing all policies and procedures through an antiracist lens 
  • Bringing a greater number of racially diverse voices and experiences to campus to highlight their contributions to society and their impact on local, national, and global platforms
  • Creating a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Board committee, chaired by Dr. Odette Harris, P'22, P'24, to elevate and support DEI efforts at Castilleja through sustained partnership with the Board of Trustees

We recognize different members of our community value different resources and are engaged with this moment of national and international reckoning from very diverse life experiences. We hope you find something meaningful in our compilation. In the end, this is a collective journey to a shared future that is more equitable and just. This webpage is a live and evolving learning space, so feel free to check back often for additional material.

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Current Castilleja students can access our Teaching and Learning Antiracism page on Schoology for a comprehensive list of resources.


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We care deeply and want to learn if and how you experienced marginalization and/or racism at Castilleja, whether as a student, employee, alum, or alum parent.  Please reach out to share your concerns with Assistant Head of School for Curriculum and Community
Nadia Johnson
, our Director of HR Jeanne Honig, or any other member of the leadership team on campus. 
We appreciate your candor, trust,
and investment in helping Castilleja learn and grow.

Learning and Unlearning

Castilleja's Equity and Inclusion

Milton Reynolds

Castilleja's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Each member of the Castilleja community is responsible for fostering an equitable, respectful, and just community.

Together, we commit to learning from diverse voices and experiences, and we aspire to engage our differences with courage, honesty, intellectual curiosity and respect. We believe this commitment to diversity and inclusion is essential to developing compassionate leaders.

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