Affinity Groups

We are in community to learn together and grow in our understanding of diversity as an asset. At Castilleja, affinity groups are spaces where students explore how identity surfaces and develops in individuals and society. These spaces are one way that students develop the capacity to embody out antiracism practices from a place of pride in their own intersectional identities.  

Antiracism Competencies

At Castilleja, we understand that leadership is exemplified not bestowed. Through their affinity group work, students develop the capacity to value their own lived experiences and get curious about how others experience the world differently. By identifying key habits of mind that support the development of authentic leadership, students find themselves more likely to lean into challenging conversations, move beyond snap judgments, and wonder deeply about the systems and structures that inform access to resources, and, and, and...

There is much that goes unexamined in our daily lives, therefore, Castilleja's programs provoke as many questions as answers. We are confident that those who face these critical questions with courage also learn to lead with confidence and compassion.

Community Education and Storytelling
Affinity Group leaders emphasize community education and storytelling at their cultural events and celebrations. In practice, that may look like bringing renowned spoken word poet Noel Quinones to give a performance and workshop exploring the complexities of Latinidad or engaging the community in important questions around identity through interactive boards and activities. 

List of 2023–2024 Affinity Groups