Student DEIJ Leadership

DEI Leadership Council and Task Force

Students in the DEI Leadership Council (DEILC) Task Force have committed to undergo leadership training to reflect on what it means to be an antiracist and DEIJ leader at Castilleja and beyond, while collaborating to further DEIJ initiatives on campus. There are seven subcommittees and each is responsible for researching a particular topic that will define the structure and function of the DEILC.

The DEILC will serve as a body of leadership that will work in solidarity with one another to advocate for systemic change at Castilleja and beyond. Advised by the Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, students in the DEILC will develop a deep understanding of Castilleja’s Antiracism Competencies and justice organizing concepts, such as intersectionality (Crenshaw, 1989) and transformative resistance (Solórzano & Delgado-Bernal, 2001). As a leadership coalition and umbrella organization, the DEILC will coordinate with student affinity groups to identify and uplift equity issues affecting their communities and problem strategize with key stakeholders to fulfill Castilleja’s commitment to DEIJ.

The DEILC extends into a branch of student government adjacent to ASB and will establish a Diversity Officer position to serve as the liaison and bridge between the DEILC and ASB. The DEILC will officially launch in the 2023-24 school year.