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A Message from Nanci

Dear Families,

In 1907, Mary Lockey opened the doors to Castilleja School to pursue a revolutionary idea—to provide young women with the educational opportunities needed to seek a college education. Now, a century later, Castilleja's mission expands beyond Mary Lockey's founding principle by educating young women to become compassionate leaders and global citizens. 

I have spent my career in girls' education, and I am proud to carry on the legacy started by Mary Lockey. As a first-year teacher at an all-girls school, I was immediately impressed by my confident, decisive eleven-year-old students, who had acquired strengths and skills many of us work a lifetime to master. It was then that I recognized the unique potential of an all-girls learning environment to empower young women to find their voices. From that moment on, I was determined to make excellence in single-sex education accessible to as many girls as possible.

Through coursework, arts, athletics, and an array of co-curricular experiences, Castilleja students become inquisitive and persevering learners. Our teachers prioritize experiential and project-based learning that is engaging and relevant to girls. Castilleja's 6th through 12th grade program offers opportunities for girls across all grade levels to develop a keen sense of self and an unbridled zeal for exploration, innovation, and friendship. We are proud and humbled to bring together highly-motivated, intellectually curious young women from diverse backgrounds to collaborate within our community. Understanding the importance of actively teaching and learning antiracism, our leadership competencies prepare Castilleja graduates to lead with compassion and insight to effect meaningful change in the world.

Whether you are a prospective student, a current parent, a colleague, or an alum, this website is designed to provide you with the news and information you need to understand who we are. I invite you to explore these pages, to visit our campus, and to learn more about how we are preparing the next generation of women leaders.

Warm regards,

Nanci Z. Kauffman

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