Mission, Values & Strategic Plan

castilleja school mission and values

Our Mission is Clear.

Castilleja School educates motivated young women to become confident thinkers and compassionate leaders with a sense of purpose to effect change in the world.

Our Values are Strong.

Our work is guided by the principles we believe essential to effective participation in a global community.

The 5Cs

The pursuit of Castilleja’s mission is supported by a commitment to our core values, the 5Cs:

Courage, Conscience, Courtesy, Charity, and Character

The 5Cs guide students towards ethical Character development.  Courage is fostered, and everyone is treated with Courtesy. Conscience propels us to do the right thing, and Charity means making sacrifices to ensure that everyone shares the same rights and privileges. Each and every student, through her Castilleja education, is poised to live her life according to the 5Cs.

Diversity & Inclusion

Each member of the Castilleja community is responsible for fostering an equitable, respectful, and just community.

Together, we commit to learning from diverse voices and experiences, and we aspire to engage our differences with courage, honesty, intellectual curiosity and respect. We believe this commitment to diversity and inclusion is essential to developing compassionate leaders.

Gender Statement

Castilleja seeks to enroll students who are intellectually curious, actively engaged, strong members of their school community, and who embody and appreciate our core values and appreciate these values in their classmates. In partnership with students and parents, Castilleja prepares young women to be self-directed learners and compassionate leaders. Experienced Castilleja teachers, coaches and advisors tailor classroom instruction and co-curricular programming to the unique needs of girls, creating an incomparable environment for girls to thrive. As a school for girls, Castilleja will consider any applicant who aligns with the mission of the school and identifies as a girl.

Castilleja is a school committed to inclusion, where every student is given the opportunity to thrive, to learn, and to grow. If, during her attendance, a student transitions away from identifying as a girl and wishes to remain enrolled at Castilleja, they have an opportunity to do so and will be supported within our community. We are committed to ensuring a safe place for every student as they explore their evolving identities.

Strategic Plan