School Leadership

Castilleja Leadership Team

We are driven to facilitate Castilleja’s mission to educate the next generation of women leaders.

Our Leadership Team, Administrative Leaders, Program Leaders, and Board of Trustees collaborate with one another, and with faculty and staff, to advance the school’s program and ensure a promising future for our school and our students.

Leadership Team

Nanci Kauffman

Titles: Head of School

Josée Band

Titles: Dean of Curriculum and Innovation

Lorraine Brown

Titles: Director of Communications and Community Relations

Kathy Burch

Titles: Chief of Staff

Anne Cameron

Titles: Head of Middle School

Stacey Kertsman

Titles: Dean of Equity Education and Social Impact, Director of ACE Center

Sue Kim

Titles: Director of Development

Kathy Layendecker

Titles: Associate Head for Finance and Operations

Jill Lee

Titles: Director of Admission, Tuition Assistance, and Summer Programming

Jim Pickett

Titles: Head of Upper School

Administrative Leaders

Dan Chapman

Titles: Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds

Emily Clark

Titles: Leadership and Community Partners Programming Manager, Bourn Lab / Tinkering Nook Instructor

Anjelika Deogirikar Grossman

Class of 2000
Titles: Assistant Director, ACE Center

Sherie Graysmark

Titles: Director of Food Service

Jeanne Honig

Titles: Director of Human Resources

Cameron Johnson

Titles: Senior Technology Manager

Claire Ledwith

Titles: Associate Director of Admission

Laura Martinez

Titles: Assistant Director of Admission and Tuition Assistance

Ellen Moore

Class of 1980
Titles: Director of Events and Parent Engagement

Deepika Nabar

Titles: Controller

Julia Odelowo

Titles: Director of Alumnae Engagement

Brenda Villa

Titles: Equity Education Coordinator, Head Coach, Varsity Water Polo, Assistant Coach, Varsity Swimming, Head Coach, VA Water Polo

Terry Young

Titles: Senior Network and Systems Administrator

Program Leaders

Jeanne Appelget

Titles: Faculty Member, Science, Department Head

Kimberly Bagnola

Titles: Faculty Member, Mathematics, Dean of Upper School Student Life

Terese Brennan-Marquez, LCSW

Titles: Director of Counseling and Student Wellness

Tiffany Crist-Studley

Titles: Faculty Member, Science, Dean of Middle School Student Life

Ahmed Elgasseir

Titles: Faculty Member, Visual & Performing Arts, Department Head

Ann Greyson

Titles: Faculty Member, Computer Science & Engineering, Department Head, Middle School Computer Science & Engineering

Christina Gwin

Titles: Faculty Member, English, Faculty Dean

Margaret Lane

Titles: Faculty Member, History/Social Science, Department Head

David Lowell

Titles: Faculty Member, Mathematics, Co-Department Head

Gabrielle McColgan

Titles: Director of College Counseling

Jennifer O'Sullivan

Titles: Faculty Member, Fitness and Wellness, Department Head

Mary Jo Pruitt

Titles: Director of Athletics, Head Coach, JVA Basketball

Lauren Schryver

Titles: Faculty Member, World Languages, Department Head

Jole Seroff

Titles: Director of Library and Information Services

Rebecca Sherouse

Titles: Faculty Member, English, Department Head

Carolyn Steele

Titles: Faculty Member, Mathematics, Co-Department Head

Karen Strobel

Titles: Director of Institutional Research

Jamie Sullivan

Titles: Director of Academic Technology

Board of Trustees 2018-19

Ken Hirsch - Board Chair

Nahid Aliniazee

Jim Bean

Tony Carrasco

John Giannandrea

Cindy Goldberg

Lori Goler

Theresia Gouw

Saima Hasan '04

Heidi Hopper

Nanci Kauffman

Michele Kirsch

Aileen Lee

David Merenbach

Usha Nesamoney

Anjali Pichai

Denise Pope

Alyssa Rieder

Sarah Sands

David Scott

Pratima Sethi '94

Mary Speiser

Kathleen Tandy

Eugenie Van Wynen

Mike Volpi

Phil Yang

Elizabeth Yin '00

Jianming Yu