It's about the remarkable presence of girls, not the absence of boys.

Alumna Spotlight: Saloni Kalkat '13

Saloni Kalkat '13 never thought she would become a teacher. She laughs, noting the irony of this comment: Saloni is currently the Extended Day Coordinator and Upper School Art Specialist at Khan Lab School (KLS).

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Everyone is unique!—There are many different points of view and ways of looking at difficult problems.

Daniella H. '23

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Week after week, our daughter becomes more confident and determined to reach her goals.

Jose and Maria R.
Parents of Aizza '22


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Alumnae Spotlight: Marion Lepert '13

From a 12 year-old facing down choppy waters and dodging cargo ships while windsurfing in the San Francisco Bay to a seasoned athlete competing in the Rio Olympic Games last summer, Marion Lepert ’13 embodies courage and perseverance.

I can use art to convey an important message. Not only am I an artist, I'm also a risk taker, an avid learner, and a feminist.

Catherine D. '21  


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