It's about the remarkable presence of girls, not the absence of boys.

Alumna Spotlight: Sarrah Nomanbhoy '07

Sarrah Nomanbhoy ’07 isn’t afraid to speak up in a crowd. Working for Sri Lanka’s largest apparel manufacturer after graduating from Stanford University, Sarrah attended a conference on the topic of attracting foreign talent to work in Sri Lanka. A question, posed to the exclusively male panel of CEOs on stage, asked what women in Sri Lanka could do to advance into senior leadership. To Sarrah’s shock, the host immediately dismissed the question. There was a murmur that gave way to a loaded silence as the host attempted to move on. As the moment stretched, Sarrah’s mind raced: “I was new to Sri Lanka, and I wasn’t sure if it was my place to do anything about it.” She paused, and then realized that she could use her position to create impact. Sarrah raised her hand and spoke, framing her response to fit the focus of the conference. “As an American working in Sri Lanka, I look at a company’s leadership to see what my trajectory could be. If I don’t see any women in leadership positions, I’d question my future there.” As she compelled the panel to address the issue, the audience responded with cheers.

Everyone is unique!—There are many different points of view and ways of looking at difficult problems.

Daniella H. '23

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Week after week, our daughter becomes more confident and determined to reach her goals.

Jose and Maria R.
Parents of Aizza '22


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Alumnae Spotlight: Marion Lepert '13

From a 12 year-old facing down choppy waters and dodging cargo ships while windsurfing in the San Francisco Bay to a seasoned athlete competing in the Rio Olympic Games last summer, Marion Lepert ’13 embodies courage and perseverance.

I can use art to convey an important message. Not only am I an artist, I'm also a risk taker, an avid learner, and a feminist.

Catherine D. '21  


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